03 January 2012

Elah Valley

Yes, Elah Valley might just look like a great open field to the unknowing tourist - but it's so much more than that! This was the area in which, according to the Bible, David fought - and defeated - Goliath. It's so surreal to visit a place such as this, a location to a story you've heard your whole life. Elah Valley is a place so inspiring, where a young man bravely stood up and fought for what he believed in - succeeding against all odds to bring down the giant, Goliath.

It was such a lovely afternoon, sitting amongst the flowers and listening to our pastor like a kindergardener listens to their teacher. I really enjoyed walking around the area as well, taking photos and watching dozens of people searching for the perfect rock to take home as a souvenir (and, oh, I definitely did the same!). This was my first taste of the grandeur that Israel had in store for me. I could already feel that this was going to be a life-changing experience...a trip like none other.

Overlooking the Elah Valley

                                                                                             Rick watching on during worship

Our Pastor demonstrating the traditional slingshot - using a rock from Rick

There must have been a shortage of rocks after we visited            Christy, playing in the grass!

Group shot of me, my stepdad Rick and Christy

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