15 January 2012

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth (at 1300 feet below sea level) and was not known as the Dead Sea until the second century AD. Ezekial recorded a vision of a river flowing out from the temple and into the sea, making the water fresh so fish and plants could thrive there once again. But as of today, the Sea is 28-35% salt, making life in the Sea impossible. I was so looking forward to swimming in the Dead Sea, and it was definitely one of my best experiences on this trip - and ever! 

The sea floor was quite slippery because of the heavy coating of clay-like mud (if you weren't careful, you could fall head first into the water!), and the water was grayish, uninviting and not very deep. Because of the high salt level, it is possible to float in the water and lie on top of the water - flat as a board. Apparently the mud is good for your skin, so our group slathered it all over ourselves, making us look like part of some crazy tribe!

Christy, Elli and I on the left, Nick in the center and Amber on the right. Silly Nick....

While playing in the Dead Sea, you have to be super careful not to splash around too much, because if you get water in your eye - it stings! And seeing as your all wet, you have nothing to wipe your eye with - leaving you sitting there, having to bear it for a few minutes until the stinging goes away. (Yeah, I know from experience...) Oh, and swimming on your stomach is kind of tricky as well, because of the floating aspect of the Dead Sea, it can be hard to stand up from the position of lying on your stomach (also making you susceptible to salt water in the eye again from the splashing needed to make yourself right side up.....again, I know from experience!) But we had such a blast! Christy and I stayed in the water as long as we could - even when it started sprinkling near the end of our visit! The rain made for an interesting time trying to change into dry clothes....but this was definitely a highlight of our trip!

Elli, me, Christy, Amber and Sandy

Rick, demonstrating his floating abilities

Sunny (without her guitar - shock!)

There's me, floating on the water!

Part 7 of our Israel 2010 experience:

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