11 January 2012


The ruins that are found at Capernaum are of a 4th century synagogue, but if you continue walking around the site, you will see an area where ruins were found underneath this synagogue. These older ruins are from Jesus' time. It's quite amazing to see for yourself just how far back in time you can go by digging underneath the more recent sites that have been built and settled in the same spot. It is believed that at this location, Jesus healed the paralyzed man who was lowered into the temple by four men since he could not reach Jesus any other way. This was a beautiful site, near the sea of Galilee, that I was happy to experience. But our next experience (in my next entry) would be a defining moment.

4th century synagogue at Capernaum

ruins from Jesus' time

Galilean clouds

That would be me pretending to drink a Hebrew coke...

                           Unsuspecting Israeli                                         Christy playing around

Part 5 of our Israel 2010 experience:

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