05 January 2012


Outside of Tel Aviv, you can find Caesarea situated along the Mediterranean Sea. Here, you'll find great examples of a Roman amphitheater and stadium. Herod the Great built up this harbor port into something great, even by modern standards. When I visited, it was a perfect, clear day as well - making a walk along the sea that much more enjoyable.

As came to be our routine, our large tour group filed into this amphitheater (surprisingly filling up a good chunk of the seats!), ready to fellowship and learn of the Biblical significance of the location. And, what a view! I wish every church service looked out onto golden sand and aqua blue water! This was our first day in Israel where we were leaving Tel Aviv and heading toward a new, undiscovered (for us) section of Israel. It really felt like an adventure, not being extremely familiar with the sites we would be visiting, so every day held mysteries and discoveries...and Caesarea was no exception.

The amphitheater at Caesarea

Our church pastor, Chuck

The cameramen throughout our trip, dubbed "the bros" by Christy and I.

Sandy (friend on our same bus) and our bus pastor (and worship leader), Sam

So, this gets a little confusing for those that weren't on our tour: we had a church pastor (the one who would preach to our group as a whole - 400+ people), and then we had a bus/group pastor (who spoke to us in individual outings and was our overall leader of our smaller group of 30 or so), and then we had our bus guide (who spoke to our individual group at each location and gave us the historical significance of the place and its relation/impact on Jews and Israel, in general.) Now after listening to our church pastor, our bus guide, Tsuriel, led us around the site of Caesarea, showing us around and giving us a background on Herod the Great. Tsuriel was pretty much the best guide ever (and a pastor as well in Israel) - you'll see pictures of him soon enough.

Looking out at the stadium, with the Mediterranean Sea to the left

                      Christy, Rick and I                                                Sunny, a friend on the same bus

Aqueduct just outside of Caesarea

Part 3 of a video shot by a fellow tour member during our Israel/Egypt 2010 trip:

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