13 January 2012

Bunker at Golan Heights

While in the Golan Heights, we got the opportunity to visit an old Israeli military bunker. This was a cool experience as I've never done anything like this before. At this elevation, it was extremely cold, windy and rainy, but instead of staying warm in the coffee shop like some of the others, our bus was determined to explore the area a bit! It was exciting to get the chance to walk around the bunker and actually go inside one of the shelters. Needless to say, I've never served my country (like I could!), so it was weird to imagine the life of a soldier - especially back in World War I or II. This experience was worth the risk of pneumonia (I mean, I had had pneumonia the previous year anyway...so, no big deal, right?.....)

Footie shot in the Golan Heights

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