30 December 2011

Tel Aviv: The Beach

When in Tel Aviv, you have to go down to the beach. It's calm and uncrowded (when I was there at least)...it was so bizarre to look out to the Mediterranean Sea from one of it's other sides - having previously seen its shores from Italy and France. Tel Aviv was similar enough to home that it was enjoyable and relaxing, but different enough to feel like an adventure.

I loved walking along the sea, watching the fishermen along the rocks, hearing the call to prayer echo softly from the nearby mosque...I really felt immersed into the lifestyle. Nevertheless, Tel Aviv is a great people-watching city as it sees visitors from all over the world.

I loved this building and how it mixed old and new architecture

Along Tel Aviv's beach, was one the best playgrounds ever! In the picture below, you'll see this large rope swing that you could sit or stand on and swing back and forth. And in the back, you might be able to see this other rope swing - up to four people could sit on it, one on each side, and you could swing around and around until giddily dizzy! Tel Aviv brought out the kids in us (not that it's that hard to make us act like kids...) and we had a blast playing on all the equipment.

Just a bunch of kids...

The ceiling of our hotel

All over Israel, you can find mezuzahs on the doorways, which contain scripture

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