09 December 2011

Memphis Museum: An Altogether Different Museum Experience

Cairo has its fair share of museums, but I have to say, I really enjoyed visiting the Memphis Museum. It was a small museum, but a nice change of pace from those typical, stuffy buildings. It is almost entirely situated outside and thus, it feels like you are discovering these statues and artifacts for yourself. I couldn't help running my fingers over some of the stones with hieroglyphics etched into them (which you're not really supposed to do...) I had studied Egyptian art before - in college, but to find myself actually in front of Egyptian art IN Egypt is a mind-blowing experience. To be standing before a towering sculpture that has been preserved for so long is truly something special. There's not so much a quantity of art at the Memphis Museum, as there is a quality. You really get to spend time appreciating the artifacts without feeling rushed, which is a very rare experience in the museum world.

Fallen Ramses II statue

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