13 December 2011

Hanging Church in Historic Cairo

The Hanging Church in Old Cairo was a serene spot to spend the afternoon. This is one of the oldest and most famous Coptic churches in Egypt, dating back to the 3rd century AD. I have to say, the departure from all the Egyptian art and mosques was quite unexpected and visiting this Christian church and the Jewish synagogue, Ben Ezra, was beautiful and moving. I especially enjoyed all the detailed carvings, cut-outs and colorful scrollwork and the walls and arches inside the Hanging Church. The church had a lot of symbolic details that I loved as well, such as the twelve pillars that represented each of Jesus' disciples - most of the pillars being white, one being grey for Doubting Thomas and one being black for Judas. After seeing SO many churches and basilicas in Europe, it was incredible to discover churches in a whole new region of the world - and enlightening as well.

                  The front of the Hanging Church

I loved the colors on the pulpit

And for fun, here's the Nile River as seen from Cairo's city center

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