02 December 2011

Finally, Some Progress!

Today, Christy and I succeeded in sending off our applications for our Indian visas! The wheels are in motion and we have a tentative departure date in February. I'm excited and pretty nervous at the same time. So, as far as planning goes: our insurance is possibly picked out, plane ticket waiting on the Indian visa, and about $100 later, application for Indian visa sent out!

Numerous receipts later - our passports are sent out for visas!

In the meantime, I have accomplished a lot of the things I've been meaning to do now that I'm no longer working; Christy and I have been creating a plan of action for our travels, I've been blogging (soon I will be moving on to my Egypt/Israel travels of 2010), taking photos in my own backyard, going to church and just taking life one day at a time - doing whatever feels right that day. It's quite liberating!

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