16 December 2011

Egyptian Museum & Around Cairo

While in Egypt, you just have to visit Cairo's Egyptian Museum. This strikingly red (coral?) building houses some of the most extraordinary artifacts you might ever lay your eyes on. Inside, you will find King Tut's gold mask and coffin, jewelry, weapons and thrones that were buried with various Pharaohs of the past, mummies of men and mummies of animals, endless examples of hieroglyphics and more pottery than you could ever imagine. If you have a chance to get a guide, I would definitely recommend it as there is just so much to see here and what with the many shady people shiftily eyeing our group's purses and bags - it just feels more secure with a guide.

              Entrance to the Egyptian Museum               Some of the nice buildings surrounding the museum

An awful picture of Christy and I - but hey! An Egyptian sculpture behind us!

And now, as photos are not allowed inside the museum, I bring you a collection of street photos in and around Cairo - some of this city's quirks and characteristics.

Just a typical Cairo alley way

I think the few days I spent in Cairo were enough...I would love to go back and visit some other Egyptian cities such as Luxor. But, I have to tell you, I was pretty excited to leave the chaos of Cairo and head to our next destination, the star of the tour - Israel!

Our guide Emi and our bus pastor Ken

Ricky, playing a little music in the airport

yay Israel!

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