15 December 2011

Cairo's Crazy Traffic

Apparently, there are around 20,000 car accidents each year in Cairo and it doesn't take long in this city to figure out why that might be... The traffic in Cairo is absolutely insane! We were told that you don't necessarily need a license in order to drive and that it is not unheard of for young teens to be driving around this already congested city. But when traffic laws are not enforced and violations can be bribed out of, it's no wonder the traffic is like it is. I'm just glad I didn't have to drive around Cairo and I could enjoy the insanity from the comfort of my passenger seat. Below are some examples of Cairo's peculiar road characteristics (I bet this has nothing on India!)

First day in Cairo, and we experienced a car accident first-hand

Now, we've got people walking down the middle of multi-laned street...

Horses pulling carts in the midst of dozens of cars...

Ladies on donkeys cutting across oncoming traffic.

And again, you have people walking into oncoming       And guys trying to sell stuff to tourists in the
 traffic, no matter if a car came speeding their way.                         middle of the street.               

Then you have your horses and camels just chilling on the side of the road...

And camels actually walking in the middle of the street

Oh, and you have to love the DOUBLE-double parking, making it impossible for other cars to pass

The farther into the city centre you venture, the more 
                        crowded it becomes

And on the right is our driver, the man who saved our lives (well, God protected us, but through this
guy).  We were coasting along the freeway (pretty fast), when a bus in front of us changed lanes - and at
a dead stop in front of us was a broken down car! There was not enough space to brake, and there were cars in the lane next to us, but somehow (I don't even know how), we were able to swerve into the next 
lane, avoiding both the car in front of us and the cars to the right of us. It was one of those moments that
I knew we would either die or be seriously injured, but by God's good grace we were spared. Thanks
be to Him and to our driver Mohammed.

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