14 November 2011

Venice - once again

My last trip to Venice (in 2007) was great, but was filled with the traumatic experience of getting separated from my mother. It all ended well, but made me a little nervous (yet still excited) to go back. In 2008, I found myself back in Venice with my best friend - on a tour. Our first night there was simply magical. We took a gondola down the lesser-traveled, more mysterious canals, with a singing gondolier and everything. That was the only sound I could hear - the gondolier, until we disembarked - it was then that I heard footsteps drawing closer and closer. Before long, we found ourselves in the middle of St. Mark's Square - at night! A sip of champagne out on the square, listening to the musicians and enjoying the Italian masterpiece. This was my good night...

St. Mark's Basilica

The next day, bright and early, we headed back out for Venice. We had the opportunity to explore the inside of the basilica and even though I had already been inside the previous year - I went anyway. Now, I'm the type of person that likes to venture away from the crowd in a museum. I guess I just like spending time alone, with my thoughts and the artwork. Now, seriously...I don't know how or why this always happens to me, but after a while I went in search of my friend, Christy - and I didn't see her. I mean, I thought I looked thoroughly , but I guess I kept missing her. I even waited outside the basilica for quite a while before giving up, chalking it up to bad luck. So, alas, once again (!) I find myself, alone in Venice. The first time (in 2007), I was panicky,  this time I was irritated. So, I spent the afternoon going wherever the wind blew me...to various shops and streets and experimenting a bit with my photography. There's no doubt that I can entertain myself and have a great time, but for once it would be nice to NOT get lost from my party in Venice. Oh, and don't worry - I eventually met up with Christy at our tour's meeting time and spot.

St. Mark's famous bronze horses



More pigeons than I saw last time

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