15 November 2011

Venice: Further Afield

Venice is a photographer's dream. The canals, the pale multi-colored building, the gondolas and bridges. You can have a lot of fun here. As me and Christy went our separate ways for the day, we both took a whole slew of photos before heading off to a nearby island (see below). Here are some of my favorites:

                           Yes, that's gum

                                                                                      © CM

Love the color on this building                                      © CM

                                                                                     © CM

                                                                      © CM                                                                                                        © CM

Just a short boat ride away from Venice, in the Venetian lagoon, is Burano. Our European Cavalcade tour took us here for the day and I absolutely loved it. Burano was nothing like I had expected (although it's everything you hope for). It's a tiny little island with brightly colored buildings that line the streets. You can find the locals fishing or maybe selling their lacework or running their restaurants. Burano sees lots of tourists, but the people are kind and the town is quaint. We went to one of Burano's many restaurants that specializes in fish - and this place had the courses coming! We must have had a four-course meal before heading off to check out what the stores had to offer.

                                                                                          © CM

Our fish restaurant

                                                                         Christy and I                             © CM

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