27 November 2011

Travel Update: November

It's been a crazy past couple months, as touched on briefly here and here. And while I'm in the transition between writing about my European trip of 2008 and my Middle East trip of 2010, I thought I would write a little something about where I stand in my planning. So what have I accomplished in November? Not a whole lot...I'm just trying to take life day by day; trying to avoid a complete meltdown with the life-changing losses I've experienced in October/November. But I haven't accomplished nothing. I succeeded in some of the fun stuff: buying a point-and-shoot camera (maybe I'll have to debut it here soon) and a few SD cards. I've researched travel insurance a bit, but will need help from family friends as this stuff is completely over my head - what with deductibles, monthly rates, etc. I'm also planning on sending mine and Christy's passports off for Indian visas this next week and hopefully we can finally get ourselves to go to the travel clinic for our immunizations as well. This is the not-so-fun stuff that I hate spending money on - but it has to be done.

If you're curious, here is my list of things that need to get done before we leave (end of January/early February?). Slowly but surely, eh?

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