17 November 2011

Pompeii - Lost in Time

It's an eerie feeling to find yourself in Pompeii. It really feels like walking back in time - like finding yourself in 79 AD, after the devastating volcano, Mt Vesuvius destroyed nearly everything. I could hardly believe that you could still make out the foundations of houses and shops from back then. To imagine the horror that this place saw is unbelievable. While Rome has some of the most famous ruins, the ruins of Pompeii are not to be missed for anyone interested in history. I walked this site with an incredible sense of awe - dramatized by Mt Vesuvius looming in the background, able to erupt at any given moment. (I'm thankful it held off for the time being.)

                                                                              One of Pompeii's main streets                   ©CM


                                                  Beautiful red stone found in Pompeii's forum     ©CM

                                                               The "Red Light district"           ©CM

                                                                   Pompeii's Forum 

 A cast of one of Mt Vesuvius' victims       ©CM                                                                                                                   ©CM

                            I love this one since you can imagine the building this once was     ©CM

                                        Rachel, on of our tour mates and a resident of Pompeii       



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