11 November 2011

Mt. Pilatus - Best Day Ever!

Now, for one of the most amazing things I think I will ever experience in my life! Having felt a little better from my mystery meal experience, I was ready to take on the day. The weather was overcast and cold, and we were scheduled to take a cog railway up the side of Switzerland's Mt. Pilatus - right outside of Lucerne. We rode up the mountain quite a ways, through the fog - unsure if we would be able to see anything from the top, when suddenly we broke through the clouds and into the heavens! There were gasps of delight all around and from such a great altitude, the sun was shining bright and welcoming! Adrenaline was pumping and I couldn't wait to get outside and feel the piercingly cold, crisp air against my cheeks!

The view from Mt. Pilatus

Clouds, as far the eye could see!

You could definitely feel the thinness in the air - it was so difficult to breathe while climbing to the tops of some of the peaks. But the view was so worth it. There were no words to speak that could come even close to what it felt like to be there. Our guide had said that, due to the weather, we unfortunately wouldn't have clear skies and a great view - but I almost preferred it this way. It was such a spiritual experience being situated in the heavens, and the silence was practically deafening. I loved it! You really need a moment to yourself here to just take everything in. Very few experiences come even near to this. It's inspiring and exhilarating - something not to be missed!

Spotting the crosses scattered along the hills, surrounded by clouds, was so magical

It was so cold up there, the table had a few coatings of ice

     Christy, pondering Mt Pilatus' beauty

One of my favorite photos of myself. This truly encompasses the wonder of being here.

I never wanted to leave this spot, but alas, nothing lasts forever and it was time to make our way to Lucerne to continue what was becoming one of my best days ever. But we didn't make it down to the city of Lucerne without a few hiccups. First of all, about 40 of us were shoved into a huge cable car (which seemed like way too many, I was sure the cable line would snap!) - I was hanging on for dear life! Then, about halfway down the mountain, we were transferred to smaller cable cars - 4 to a car. And for no explainable reason, our car stopped (high above the ground!) and we remained stopped for at least 5 minutes. I started feeling really panicky (How long would we remain there?!)- on top of my existing fear of cable cars...It was not good. Of course, we resumed soon enough

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