12 November 2011

The Most Amazing Hotel, Just Outside of Lucerne

If you ever find yourself in Lucerne, you absolutely have to stay at the Hotel Krone in Giswil. Our tour guide teased us for days about the "barn" we would be staying in - how the "cows would be licking our faces in the morning to wake us up." we all knew Emile was pulling our leg, but after a while you start questioning what exactly you're going to find once you get there. I'll admit, I was a little nervous. But I have to say, this was probably my favorite place we stayed during the whole tour. 

Hotel Krone is hidden away in the Swiss hills - only a small road nearby. It's like being adopted into a small village. It was also a lot like camping! The building our room was located in looked very much like a cabin, and it was called im Mondshein (or "moonshine"...cute right?) One thing to be aware of...if you're giggly like Christy and I can be always are, you're going to annoy your neighbors since the walls are super-thin!

Our little cabin, separate from the hotel lobby and restaurant

The surrounding hills

Before dinner, and before it gets dark, I strongly recommend going for a walk around this little village. There are lots of little farms situated in the area, so you'll see lots of goats, pigs and sheep (Mine and Christy's personal favorite!). There's even a tiny little church located just a few minutes' walk from the hotel. I loved just strollingg along and enjoying the scenery...enjoying just being here. It feels like an alternate universe to be surrounded by such greenery and silence. The only sounds for miles (besides the gravel beneath your feet) are the sounds of the tiny train winding its way along the hill and the bells on the sheep's collars. If time could have stood still, I would have loved to spend a good chunk of time here.

I love the goat on the right - it looked like he had white trousers on!

    Piggies! I wanted to squish them! So cute.        ©CM

Giswil's tiny little church                       ©CM

On our way back to our hotel, we stopped by Giswil's cemetery, and walked along the grave stones - reading a few names. It was quite a special moment to sit there and just enjoy being in the moment. I almost couldn't comprehend where I was and what I was seeing. Sometimes you need to have a quiet moment to let life's events sink in and to fully appreciate them.


And now, so that you can immerse yourself in a part of what made Giswil special, I bring you...sheepie! (As you can hear Christy point out in the back):

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