12 November 2011


Lucerne was (regrettably) the only city I visited in Switzerland, but it left a huge impression on me. What with our amazingly awesome experience on top of Mt. Pilatus, the city of Lucerne only enhanced the feelings. It was such an overcast day, but for someone like me - that only makes it better! Upon descending Mt. Pilatus, our first stop was at the city's lion monument. This emotional piece of art was created to honor the Swiss Guards who were massacred during the French Revolution. The expression on the lion's face is so moving...he's shown with a wound to his side, but lying over a French shield - the Swiss shield next to him. Mark Twain was right when he said that it was "the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world."

The lion wounded and lying over the French shield

Nice renovation, right?

Next on the agenda was, you guessed it - lunch! I was hoping for a better experience with the Swiss food than I had had with the German food. And, indeed, it was pretty tasty. We had fondue (I mean, how amazing is fondue!?), veal sausage and ice cream. Best of all was the entertainment. It was quintessentially Swiss with yodeling, Swiss horns and other traditional things they used to make music, including sticks, spoon, etc. And how could I ever forget our dear tour guide, Emile, dragging Christy up to the stage with a bunch of other tourists where she was forced lucky enough to yodel and chug beer (NOT a beverage of choice) in front of an audience. Ah, good times. (Sorry, Christy!) As much as she was probably mortified, she knows she had a good time!

Christy stirring up the fondue

The restaurant's host (and also the one who taught Christy to yodel):

The "stick instruments" I mentioned earlier:

Bellies full and having had a good time (in Christy's case, too good of a time), we were set loose on the city of Lucerne for a few hours to see what we could see. Christy and I, being us, had fun watching the ducks and swans go by - occasionally snapping photos and chasing after them. We soon made our way to the iconic Chapel Bridge and admired the paintings and inscriptions that could be found along the inside of the covered roof. We spent our time crashing a wedding inside the Jesuit Church for a while, buying many Swiss chocolates for family and, of course, ourselves. This was the longest time we had to ourselves so far, during our European Cavalcade tour - and we enjoyed every minute of it. Setting our own pace and venturing down the streets that caught our fancy. It was such a charming afternoon and remains near the top of my list of places I could see myself living.

Lucerne's Jesuit Church

Inside of the Jesuit Church, where we saw a wedding                      I love some of the Swiss architecture

The Chapel Bridge - covered in flowers.

Heck yes.            ©CM

The "arrogant swan" as we called - all puffed up, showing off.

                                                                 ©CM                                                                                                                ©CM

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