19 November 2011

How I Enjoyed Monte Carlo Without Spending Money

If you're like me, then wasting money (especially on gambling) has absolutely zero appeal.  So, when I found myself in Monte Carlo on my European tour, I was a little unsure of how I was going to spend an hour or two here. But, I (and my travel partner-in-crime, Christy) are never bored and can always find ways to keep ourselves entertained. So, instead of wasting too much money in a casino, what did we do? Of course, we had to at least go inside the casino, as it's what Monte Carlo is famous for, but we also walked around taking pictures, finding nice vantage points and meeting up with some of our travel mates. There's a little stretch of greenery right in front of the casino - with fountains, beautiful plants, etc...so it was like a walk in the park. Definitely a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon.

Overlooking Monaco

There it is - the Monte Carlo casino     ©CM

Doesn't it feel like you're in an old movie?

I loved these lights hanging over the casino


Yes, that's what we do...take pictures of ducks...


Another fun thing to do in Monte Carlo - eat ice cream!    ©CM
Just like our travel partners.


                                                                          One of our travel mates, Betsy                        

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