10 November 2011


Heidelberg is one of those cities that I just fell in love with! Our European Cavalcade tour got there bright and early, and it felt like we had the entire city to ourselves! The hills were draped in fog, the streets were mysterious and empty (save for a few locals in Heidelberg's various pastry shops)...it was a nice way to start off the day. We had quite a while to walk down the charming alleyways and explore whatever our hearts desired. Not even a tender tummy from the previous day could keep me from discovering some of Heidelberg's simple pleasures.

Heidelberg's castle in the distance


Striking statue in one of Heidelberg's squares       ©CM

One thing that really intrigued me was the Old Bridge. The medieval architecture and colors of the towers are a symbol of this city. (Apparently the towers once served as a dungeon as well!) This bridge had to be rebuilt multiple times due to flooding (see the photo below)...you can really sense Heidelberg's past here. This is exactly as I imagined Germany to be - quaint, charming, nice to look at...homey feeling. I felt comfortable here, I felt like I could stay here a while (if only I could have!). If you ever find yourself here, I would recommend staying longer than I did. Stay, get to know the people, the traditions - try the pastries! (I tried a "brezel"...chocolatey and yummy) and explore the outlying areas.

The Old Bridge

Oh, the monkey! Our tour had fun with this. Apparently, it's inscription translates as:
"As you look at me, traveller, don't laugh too quickly at me because if you were to look at 
humanity or even into a mirror, you might see something as funny as me."         ©CM

       Flood levels over the years                  ©CM                                                                                                            ©CM   

Seriously love the signs...they're so adorable!              ©CM

What better way to end our time in Heidelberg, than with a brezel?     ©CM

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