24 November 2011

A Day in Paris

I'm a bit of an art nerd (maybe that's why I didn't fit in with my study abroad peers...), so the Louvre is a place that sends me on sensory-overload. I've been here before - but who could ever say no to the Louvre? You could live in here for a year and probably not see everything. (I'm still determined to come back here and spend longer than two hours, or at least visit a few times in a week to see just a small percentage of what the Louvre holds.) Everyone always comes to see the same 10-20 pieces of art, but if you've been here before, perhaps get yourself a map and hit just a certain section of the museum that really interests you.

                                                                     ©CM                                                                                                          ©CM

One of my favorites - Cupid and Psyche

Ah, yes...the Mona Lisa


                       This one fascinates me                                             And of course, Venus de Milo

                   The famous Winged Victory                                         A rainbow, shining on Christy

The European Cavalcade gang - Steve, Rachel, Christy and me

If there's one thing I love more than the Louvre - it's the Eiffel Tower. Sure, it's cliche, but it's truly captivating. As the symbol of Paris, it's hard not to have a fascination with this landmark (ending up with practically five thousand photos of this one building). But really, it should be a crime to go to Paris and not visit the Eiffel Tower. Even better is ascending the Tower! 

Our guide, Emile, chasing after us. Why was the Wicked Witch of the East's theme (Wizard of Oz)
playing in my head during this? (Because of the bike! I loved Emile dearly - he was like our papa)

There she is!


Sacre Coeur, as seen from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Emile, our dear papa :)

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