15 November 2011


About halfway through mine and Christy's European Cavalcade tour, we found ourselves in Capri! Oh, Capri! I loved it here...whereas it had been pretty cold everywhere else, the sun shone brightly here in southern Italy. After a 45-minute ferry ride from Naples to get here, we got the chance to wander the island, searching out gorgeous vantage points. It was truly breathtaking and quite peaceful (once you got away from the crowds). Our tour eventually broke up and we all went separate ways - following whatever excited us most...shops, restaurants, walking, etc. (Wandering alleyways and taking photos of unsuspecting Italian men being some of the things that intrigued us). Capri was definitely a highlight of our tour and I still reminisce about the unreal blue water, the lemony drinks and the experience as a whole.

Seriously, doesn't this water look fake? So pretty

Christy and Steve enjoying a lemon granite

Tee hee. Some of the fashionable Italian men

                                               So, me and Christy take pictures of birds.             ©CM

And...me and Christy take pictures of Italian police officers

Is it just me or does this guy look like Joey Fatone...does anyone even remember Joey Fatone?

Beautiful sky before the crazy storm hit

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