10 November 2011

Black Forest

Nestled in what seems like the middle of nowhere, you will find Germany's Black Forest. In fact, this is better than the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by the densest, darkest trees - to be in the Black Forest feels like being in a movie. Scarcely any civilization to speak of, it feels refreshing...even magical. It's like being plopped into some of the Grimm's Fairy Tales (without the gruesome details...). Our tour stopped in the heart of the forest, where all that stood was a hotel, restaurant and cuckoo clock shop.
It's an absolutely gorgeous spot and a nice break from all the major cities you're bound to be visiting in Europe. You could spend quite a few hours here learning about the cuckoo clocks, walking some of the paths nearby and, of course, trying some delicious Black Forest cake.

Germany's Black Forest

The forest was so dense, it really did look black

I really enjoyed learning about the cuckoo clocks and seeing how they were made. Each one had a different theme and was completely different than the last. Some were simpler, and had cute little carvings of animals on them. Others depicted great scenes, with complicated, moving parts that would come to life every hour. Quite fascinating! Before departing for this trip, my mom had joked "whatever you do, don't bring home a cuckoo clock," perhaps because of how much luggage space they take up or because of their delicacy. So, as a joke, I bought a tiny cuckoo clock magnet for a couple euro (not an actual working clock), so I could bring it home and tell her that, indeed I did buy a cuckoo clock!

We saw HUNDREDS of cuckoo clocks

Each clock was so intricate and detailed

The largest cuckoo clock in Germany

And here is Germany's largest cuckoo clock in action:

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