25 November 2011

Versailles, in detail

To be honest, I wasn't sure I needed to revisit Versailles as I had been there four years ago. But I'm glad I did (seriously, I would go back anywhere that I've been ). Versailles is so grand and detailed, that it's impossible to truly see it all. And I'm really bad with remembering historical facts and figures, so a refresher is always welcome. Surprisingly, I did remember a lot about Versailles and how the rooms had looked, but this time there were two very big changes. First, the hall of mirrors had been under renovation in 2004 - in 2008 it was finished, shining and beautiful. That was the positive. Secondly, Versailles played host to an art exhibit by Jeff Koons (who I had studied in an modern art class). This wasn't necessarily a negative, but it definitely distracted from the palace itself and seemed very out of place. I'm still not really sure what that was all about.

The entrance of Versailles



                                                                                 One of the first sights, upon entering Versailles    ©CM

That would be Jeff Koons' doing. A giant balloon dog in the middle of Versailles...


Yeah...Something doesn't belong.

     Marie Antoinette's bedroom - so pretty!

The renovated Hall of Mirrors

Probably what I remember most from my first trip to Versailles was the massive gardens and the endless rows of trees. It's unbelievable how much land there is here, and this isn't even as much as it once was. Versailles was one of the last places Christy and I visited on our European Cavalcade tour, so we sat in the gardens a while trying to wrap our minds around what exactly we had seen and done over the past three weeks. It was almost unfathomable that a week ago we had been in Italy - and before that, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc. We both wanted to keep traveling from here - we had been bitten by the travel bug and the only thing that could satisfy it was seeing more, experiencing other cultures and finding ourselves places we never expected. We had no idea where life would take us from here and that only added to the bittersweet ending of our travels across Europe. I still have not been back to Europe - since 2008, but I keep planning and hoping that I'll find myself here again in the midst of all the other exotic countries I plan on visiting in the near future. This is only the beginning.

         Me and Christy - just a couple of cheeky girls     ©CM

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