16 October 2011

Favorite Spots in Florence pt. 2 - Piazza della Signoria

While the Santa Croce was just a hop, skip and a jump from my apartment - the Piazza della Signoria was even closer. The first time I stumbled upon this square, I was amazed! The magnificent Palazzo Vecchio and the Piazza della Signoria (to its side), with its grand sculptures, is not something I'd expect to find one block up from my apartment. Most alleys in Florence are very narrow and the buildings pretty high, so to come across a wide open piazza such as this creates a sense of awe.

While many of the sculptures located here are reproductions (fear not: the original classic of The David can be found in Florence's Galleria dell'Accademia), sitting amongst such beauty is truly inspiring. These sculptures convey such raw emotion and fierce brutality - it's fascinating. Throw in a bunch of tourists eating their geltao (mmm..speaking of, stracciatella is the best - a kind of vanilla chocolate chip) and street performers posing for photos and you have a truly enjoyable afternoon.

  Rape of the Sabine Woman with Hercules Beating            4 Great Works of Art: Hercules and Cacus,
         the Centaur Nessus in the background.                   David, Neptune Fountain and Duomo in back.

Medici Lion

Part of the Neptune Fountain.

  The Rape of Polyxena. I love how the folds of                            Close up of Menelaus Supporting the
                the clothes look so realistic.                                                         Body of Patroclus.                                                                          

Hercules Beating the Centaur Nessus. It doesn't seem possible to make stone mimic
muscles and veins so closely. Astounding!

Here he is. (A copy) of David. Copy or not, it felt amazing to be able to see this every day.

  Perseus and the Head of Medusa. One of                         Menelaus Supporting the Body of Patroclus.
                   my favorites.

A close up of Perseus and the Head of Medusa. The junk protruding from Medusa's
head is crazy looking! I love it.

Close up of Hercules and Cacus.

Rape of the Sabine Woman. This was definitely my favorite sculpture during my time spent in Florence.

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