15 October 2011

Favorite Spots in Florence pt. 1 - Santa Croce

The Basilica of Santa Croce was literally a five-minute walk from my apartment,and I visited this spot at least once a day. Not only was it great to get away from the apartment, but it was also an ideal place to get homework done and people watch. As I sat on the steps of this church, I saw tourists come and go - meeting up with their friends after a few hours of exploring the city, showing off various artwork and leather goods they had "negotiated a good price for." I saw locals stop to enjoy their lunch, perhaps with a friend that worked in a nearby shop. This became one of my favorite spots as it wasn't as crowded as, say the Duomo. I could sit peaceably and daydream, draw...or perhaps get to that bit of homework...or not.

 Revisiting a place so often allowed me to start seeing things in a new way and it also gave me to time to just play and have fun with my camera. 2007 was the year I started getting into photography (also having taken a photo course a few months prior to leaving for Florence). It was a time of learning, creativity and self-discovery. Santa Croce and its piazza certainly provided a lot of photographic opportunities that I gladly took advantage of. Here are some of my favorites:

I think this may be where my whole "feetie-shot" thing started.

Michelangelo's tomb was marvelous to behold.

Santa Croce's courtyard.

One of my favorite street artists, specializing in silhouettes.

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