01 September 2011

Things that need to get done

So, as mentioned in my first blog post, I'm planning a trip. A BIG trip....like, I've-probably-lost-my-mind kind of trip. But I'm excited; I can make this happen. Little details have changed (I'm starting in Japan) and as I have a loosely structured to do list in my head, I decided it's time to have a structured, materialized one here that I can reference.

Take Passport photo and renew Passport 

My current passport expires in 2013, and I want to have have flexibility in how
 long I can stay (as your passport needs to be valid 6 months after return).
Yay for a book-full of new passport stamps!

Obtain necessary tourist visas 

Some countries don't require a visa for a certain amount of time (yay Japan!), 
others need to be purchased beforehand and others are available
upon arrival. Visa HQ provides a lot of helpful information on this.
 Here's my list:

Cambodia-----------on arrival
Indonesia------------on arrival
Turkey---------------on arrival

Buy first (and second?) plane tickets 

I don't want this trip to be completely structured; I want the freedom
to change my plans or stay someplace longer if I love it...I'm still
unsure how to get around the requirements of needing an outbound
ticket when you arrive in a country. Maybe sufficient funds are enough?
Thousands of backpackers have gotten around this, so I know 
it's possible.

Buy a Backpack

After looking around quite a bit, I decided I really like this backpack. A lot 
of the ones I tried on were really uncomfortable because of the hard frame
and way too overwhelmingly big (I'm only 5'1 ). So, I like this one from
Osprey as it's more comfy, spacious and works as a carry-on (very important!)
Check it out at REI.

Buy a camera+SD cards+extra batteries+charger 

I already have a DSLR (which I may or may not bring), but wanted something
small that would encourage me to take more candid photos. So after
researching cameras to death, I'm 99% sure this is the one: Canon SX230.
Crisp photos, HD video, telephoto lens, manual settings, etc.

Choose and buy a tablet 

I really would like to get a tablet to 1) keep in touch with family and
2) have at my disposal for finding directions, information etc. I don't
want to have to rely on internet cafes, although I will need to find some
free wifi (I'm definitely not paying for 3G while abroad.) I'm pretty convinced
the Blackberry Playbook is the tablet for me, but I'm still making up my mind.

Get a Silk Travel sheet 

Just say no to bed bugs and questionable mattresses.

Buy some good tunes 

I just about never buy music, so I really need to buy the music I've been
loving for the last year or so.

Get Travel Immunizations 

Oh, the fun part....Have to protect myself against all kinds of nasty diseases.
-Hepatitis A & B
-Japanese enecephalitis??!

Buy travel insurance and figure out banking 

In case of complications.


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