07 September 2011

I Finally Bought a Backpack!

So, today I accomplished a few things regarding my trip (yay progress!). Firstly, I went to get my passport photos taken - I was going to get a bunch of copies for visas I will need, but decided I could take those myself since the photos were 2 for $10. yikes! And I thought Disney was expensive... Secondly, I went to go try on backpacks and made my first (semi) big purchase.

It was a fun outing for me and my fellow traveller, Christy (partners in crime for 11 years - spanning 4 trips abroad - Paris/London 2004, Europe 2008, Israel/Egypt 2010 and Australia/New Zealand 2011). Besides the passport photos (which always turn out awkward somehow), we took over REI - rummaging through all the backpacks and daypacks. As I suspected, the Osprey backpack I mentioned earlier seemed to work the best. - only in a smaller size than I imagined I would get. The 65 litre was SO huge, I couldn't imagine lugging that thing around Southeast Asia. Me and Christy are...short-torsoed , so anything too big just doesn't feel right.. The 45 litre seemed to work pretty well though. Some things I liked were the structure the bag had (without the use of steel, metal, plastic, etc.), the fit of the straps and how they tapered closer to the middle of the bag on the bottom (as opposed to being attached on the side), not too many (complicated!) zipper compartments and the height was about right for my back.

So after stuffing our purses (for weight) and pillows (for volume) into the backpacks and walking around the store probably for a good half hour or hour checking out shoes, etc (yeah...we're a bunch of crazies.), we took the plunge and bought the backpacks!!! Crazy! I had moments of nervousness (and panic!) realizing how real this trip is becoming and all the things that need to be done...and it's a little scary when you think about the uncomfortable situations we might find ourselves in.... But this will be good. And I'm just excited that we got some stuff done today.

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