07 September 2011

I Finally Bought a Backpack!

So, today I accomplished a few things regarding my trip (yay progress!). Firstly, I went to get my passport photos taken - I was going to get a bunch of copies for visas I will need, but decided I could take those myself since the photos were 2 for $10. yikes! And I thought Disney was expensive... Secondly, I went to go try on backpacks and made my first (semi) big purchase.

02 September 2011

The City That Glitters

When I was 17 (in 2004) I took my first trip to Paris (and London) - the city every girl dreams about going to! My parents, best friend and I had a blast visiting all the museums, landmarks, etc, but one of my favorite things was experiencing the Eiffel Tower come alive at night. Starting around sunset, the city would illuminate with the tower's sparkling radiance for the first ten minutes of every hour...needless to say - I fell in love! I definitely was a dork some nights and would go outside every hour - on the hour - (even in my jammies!) to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle. Something I'll never forget.

And, just for fun - here's a video I took 4 years later when I re-visited Paris on my
"European Cavalcade". (Yes, the Eiffel Tower was blue that year.....)

01 September 2011

Things that need to get done

So, as mentioned in my first blog post, I'm planning a trip. A BIG trip....like, I've-probably-lost-my-mind kind of trip. But I'm excited; I can make this happen. Little details have changed (I'm starting in Japan) and as I have a loosely structured to do list in my head, I decided it's time to have a structured, materialized one here that I can reference.

Take Passport photo and renew Passport 

My current passport expires in 2013, and I want to have have flexibility in how
 long I can stay (as your passport needs to be valid 6 months after return).
Yay for a book-full of new passport stamps!

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