07 May 2011

Jade- wanting to be international

So, I have now been back from my Australian/New Zealand adventure for a month - and it already seems like forever ago. I really miss the adventure and the independence of traveling and am trying to figure out the most logical way to go traveling next; how to go with a small chunk of money and make it last. (Why does everything have to cost money, anyway?)  I know it's way over-ambitious, but I'm thinking Southeast Asia (Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand and perhaps Indonesia), India, Africa (probably a safari including at least Kenya), Istanbul, Turkey, and ending in London - and traveling throughout Europe thereafter...till the money runs out- which could be very quickly! Totally impossible....but one can dream right?

For now, I'm just settling for my same old job - the same routine that has been my life for the past two years - but hopefully I can save enough to make most of this possible. Obviously I would love to travel for....years! I'm thinking  at least a year would be completely amazing, but who knows what God has in store.

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